BaseballHigh school athletes across America are preparing for a summer full of competition.  Many of these athletes are scholarship caliber and are hoping that college coaches will come see them compete.  Indeed, this is a great recruiting season, because all college coaches are out of season.

However, you must have a plan in order to be seen.  A month ago, we started preparing you for the summer recruiting season.  Now here are a few non-negotiables in order to be seen:

1.  Put together a one-sheet profile and your summer competition schedule, then send it to coaches at schools you are interested in.  This is by far the most important thing you need to do.  This recruiting season is short, so get started right away.  This is a good way to grab a coach’s interest.  I recommend sending to 40-50 schools, either by mail or email.  You cannot expect a coach to find you unless you raise your hand.  This is one way to do that.  If you’re already in relationship with certain coaches, then all you need to do is send them your schedule and a short note.

2.  Produce a video and get it on YouTube right away.  Video is the number one tool you can use to show coaches your athletic ability.  Coaches use video as a front-line evaluation method.  They cannot possibly see all the athletes that contact them, and video is one way of evaluating an athlete’s ability.  Coaches will likely pursue you or reject you based on what they see in the video.  It sounds harsh, but true.  So make sure the video shows you in a good light, focusing on things you do well.  Keep in mind that posting the video on YouTube will not get coaches to view it.  You need to send them the link.

3.  Consider attending a camp or compete in a tournament where multiple college coaches will be recruiting.  These should be events attended by coaches from schools where you have an interest.  Once you make your choice, contact the coaches in advance and let them know of your interest and to be watching.  You see, you need to take the initiative in the relationship, or they will probably miss you.  They are already there with their list of athletes they are watching.  Make that list.

$15 off couponThese are three big things you work on now.  There is much more to recruiting, as you know, and we go into it deeply and step by step with our Recruit-Me families.  I encourage you to study what we offer to families who have a Premium Membership.  We can save you time and money in the recruiting process.  When you follow our plan, it works.  And we walk with you through it all the way.

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