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Jon Fugler

Jon Fugler, CEO

There’s no better way to achieve your family’s dream of an athletic scholarship than enrolling in Athletic Scholarship University.   That’s the honest truth.

My goal is to make sure talented high school athletes receive the athletic scholarships they deserve.  If your son or daughter can compete at the next level, I want them to be able to receive a scholarship.  It’s that simple.

Athletic Scholarship University is the solution.  It’s the only complete course and curriculum available.  This one-of-a-kind series of classes takes you in detail, clearly, step-by-step through the recruiting process and gives you all the tools and teaching you need.

And you have me as the instructor.

I’ve been helping families since 2002 achieve their scholarship dream, but nothing like what I will do for you in Athletic Scholarship University.  This is the highest level instruction you can receive from me.

If you have any questions about Athletic Scholarship University, I hope to answer them here.  If you still have questions, please email me at jon@recruit-me.com.

Your decision

The scarcity of time.  Your window of time to do what it takes to get an athletic scholarship for your son or daughter is limited, and it gets shorter every week.  You can’t have the time back.  You have to make the most of it, and Athletic Scholarship University will help you get the work done right and in time.

Are you truly serious about this scholarship pursuit?  If so, I invite you to dive in deeper to achieve your family’s scholarship dream.  You’re invited to be part of the only full, complete, detailed, comprehensive series of classes on how to get an athletic scholarship.  It’s not just academic, it’s application.

My commitment to you is that I will walk with you all the way to an athletic scholarship.  Your success is my success.

You have to commit to do the work I give you.  I can’t do your family’s effort.  I can lead you and walk with you — and I will.   I can take you through the five simple steps, but they are not five easy steps.

Athletic Scholarship University is a bullet-proof curriculum that will take you from A-Z in your scholarship pursuit.  It’s more comprehensive than what I’ve been offering with the Recruit-Me System for over a dozen years.  It’s totally different than anything else available, and much less expensive than consultants and services.  It’s only $29/month, cancellable at any time.

For this small investment, you can have complete access to Athletic Scholarship University.  Leverage this investment to save thousands of dollars on your student-athlete’s college education.

Enroll Now

Here are the benefits you receive for only $29/month:

1. You get my teaching by video with detailed steps of action and in-depth instruction. On demand, so it’s on your schedule.

2. You receive a textbook so you can have a blueprint for your scholarship. And a workbook.

3. You’ll have homework assignments so you really get things done and make progress.

4. You’ll get all the Recruit-Me tools I’ve developed over the years. But instead of you figuring out how to use them best, I’ll show you how. No ambiguity. No doubts.

5. You’ll have access to college coach interviews so you hear directly from them. This is a gold mine.

6. You’ll have access to interviews with parents who have succeeded at this. You’ll hear what works so you can save time and money and be successful.

7. You’ll hear my interviews with NCAA officials to get the real picture on rules and requirements.

8. You’ll get in-depth interviews with athletic scholarship coaches who work one-on-one with families. These families pay a lot of money for their personalized coaching, but you’ll get their knowledge as part of Athletic Scholarship University.

9. You’ll have access to me. I’ll stay on top of you to get your work done, and I’ll be available through a private email address to answer questions and give counsel along the way.


No more status quo

This scholarship thing is a big deal, just like building your dream home, and so many families have great intentions but are not willing to do what it takes. Life gets in the way, stuff happens, motivation slips, all these things.

And I’m just not going to continue doing things status quo. I’m going to get personally involved to make sure my Athletic Scholarship University families will succeed.

You can’t do it on your own.  You might expect to pay well over $1,000 for everything you can access with Athletic Scholarship University.  But, tuition is only $29/month.  And you can cancel at any time.

Enroll Now

The structure

Athletic Scholarship University is set up in six modules that you access online.   You’ll have a private login and you can move through the modules at your own speed.

With each module, you get these three things:

1. My video lecture.  That’s the how-to that gets you from step to step. You’ve gotten a taste of me already.

2. Real life content.  Featured interview or lecture with a college coach, parent, personal scholarship coach or an NCAA official.

3.  One or even two, of the most strategic tools and resources.

I’m keeping it simple but going deep in every module. You’re going to be well-taught and well-trained. You’ll know and experience enough to be a scholarship coach yourself!

It’s your blueprint for success.


What won’t work

I’m really concerned with the number of talented kids that never get an athletic scholarship.  In fact, I’m really upset about it.  It shouldn’t be that way.  They get passed by, and it isn’t because they don’t have the talent to compete at the next level.

But reading a book isn’t going to get you a scholarship. Just like reading the plans of a house isn’t going to get it built.

Signing up on a website is no help at all.  It’s like wishing you could own a dream home, and that’s as far as you went. It’s like hoping a builder will just show up and build it for you.

Scouring the internet for advice, even mine, is helpful but won’t get you a scholarship. I’ve been giving advice for over a dozen years, and it isn’t just my advice that’s worked for families.  They’ve really taken the tools I’ve given them—hammers, saws, etc., and they’ve put them to work.


It’s about your success

Will you enroll?  I have a number in my head of the number of families I want to help this year to achieve an athletic scholarship.  It’s about their success.  It’s about your success.

If you decide not to enroll, for whatever reason, you’re really giving up a lot.

You’ll be part of the 90+% of the families that never follow through to the end, and your son or daughter will never get an athletic scholarship.

You’ll miss out on expert counsel and coaching from me, from college coaches, other parents and NCAA officials that are part of Athletic Scholarship University.

You’ll be left to do this alone, without the accountability, direction and help you need to succeed.

There’s too much at stake to risk missing out on an athletic scholarship. It’s an investment that’s worth every dollar and will be multiplied many times over.  I’m committed to that.

Thank you for taking in my strong words and challenge.  I invite you to enroll and get started now.  Your tuition of $29/month gives you complete access.  Stay enrolled as long as you need to, and cancel at any time.

Guarantee:  You receive a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee.  It has always been my policy and it is no different with Athletic Scholarship University.  I want it to work for you.

Any further questions?  You can email me at jon@recruit-me.com.

Enroll Now

Your payment is secure.   You can use your credit or debit card for payment.

If you have any questions, just contact me personally.

–Jon Fugler, CEO


2 Responses to Athletic Scholarship U

  • Debbie ward says:

    Hello, i have come across your website and Would ld like a little more infOrmation, if thats ok.
    My Son is starting The process of trying to get to college in USA or CanadA to play baSketball. We are based in australia and have had Emails inviting him to camps etc. it Really is myrIad of information And we are nOt sure where to start. Lots of agencies trying to get us to sign Up. He is also open to the idea of playing highschool basketball if the right environment for him.
    Do you actually assist in getting contacts or is this program to sell yourself and how To promote yourself?
    Any advice would be greatly apprecuated.

    • Jon Fugler says:

      Hi Debbie, what I teach families is how to take control of the recruiting process. It sounds like you have been flooded with a lot of information and some advice. It can get confusing and overwhelming, and you want to know what steps are the right ones to take. It works best when you pursue the scholarship yourselves, as opposed to turning the job over to a third party. Coaches wan to know that your son is sincerely interested in their program. That’s a big thing. I take you step by step through the recruiting process. I show you how to make initial contact with the right coaches, how to get and keep their interest, how to find the schools and programs that will be the right fit, and how to make the right school choice. Because I walk you through the process step-by-step, it takes the confusion away and keeps you focused. I have worked with a number of international athletes, so your situation is not out of the ordinary. I look forward to helping you. If you have further questions, let me know.

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