FlyingI’m in the air right now flying to a conference in Florida. I took an aisle seat, so I have to strain to see the view below. To make it even more difficult, I’m over the wing. In other words, this isn’t a seat with view.

I got to thinking about the importance of taking a view of recruiting from 30,000 feet. Are you feeling pressured, tired, distracted, even confused in your athletic scholarship hunt? It can happen when you’re in the battle. I remember those days.

You can’t see the end. It’s a struggle, things aren’t going perfectly and you never seem to be as far along as you’d like. If that’s you, then take a flight. Not a hike. A flight.

In this post, I’ll show you what I mean and how you can do three things that will absolutely get you back on the right path to that scholarship pursuit.  Here’s how…

Here’s how you get up to 30,000 feet and take a look from that perspective.  Ask three important questions that can radically shift your direction — in the right way.

1. How far have you come since you started this journey? I think you’ll be surprised at the progress you’ve made. Sure, you’re not at your scholarship destination, but you’re probably closer. As long as you didn’t head in the wrong direction. (I can fix that. Write me and I’ll get you straightened out).

Make a note of where you were a year ago and compare it to where you are today. Unless you haven’t put out any effort, you have to be further ahead. Now, if you’re just getting going, write down where you are now and set that aside as a reference point a few months or a year from now.

2. What were the goals you set at the outset? Have you looked at them in a while or are you so consumed by the here and now that you forgot why you’re doing this in the first place? Now could be a good time to renew those goals, maybe even make adjustments.

I’m not just talking about the obvious goal of “get a scholarship,” but some more specific goals. Where? What’s your ideal program? How many coaches will you contact in the next 60 days? When will you visit some colleges? Yes, these kind of goals keep you accountable and give you targets.

3. What are your victories?  Name them. You must have had some wins along the way. The are important. Individual wins add up to a winning season. You want a winning season in this athletic scholarship hunt. So take a look at the blessings and victories you’ve experienced so far. Big and small. Inventory all of them. I think you’ll find this exercise motivating and will give you perspective.

I was meeting with a friend the other day and we were both looking at the same organization from two different perspectives. He was privy to a lot of the victories I wasn’t aware of. I mean big ones! While I was discouraged at what I saw, he had the 30,000-foot view and saw the good things happening all around him. Once he shared those things, I was encouraged, too. There are times when you need someone else to give you a different perspective. That’s why I encourage parent-athlete teamwork as a key to success.

So tell me in the comment box below what your wins have been. You’ll not only encourage yourself, but other families that see your wins. Because they have wins, too. They just haven’t taken the flight yet.

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