BallsI’ve been looking around and no one has done it, so I decided I would.  I’m launching the Athletic Scholarship Podcast in a couple days. In the first episode, I’m starting with a couple stories.  My story and your story.  I want you to hear my experiences over the years and how they might translate into yours.

I want to help you with your story from this day forward.  That’s what the Athletic Scholarship Podcast is all about.

In the first episode, I dig into five things that will help you avoid pain, disappointment and financial disaster.  I thought I’d preview the first one here with you in writing.

#1: WHO.

Be careful who you listen to.  There’s so much bad advice out there and it can cost you.  Not only financially, but your son or daughter’s future.  Their college future is too important to mess with, and you need to be careful.

You can get a lot of information online, but how good is it?  Just because the website looks good doesn’t mean you should believe the content.  I say that even for the things you read on my site.  Verify, verify, verify.  Check the information against what you see, read, and hear elsewhere.  If there’s consistency, then it’s likely that the advice is valid.

Be wary of what other parents say.  I’m not saying their intentions are wrong, but unless they’ve been successful, why take their counsel?  When we were going through the athletic scholarship process with our sons, none of the parents, including my wife and I, knew much.  And we didn’t try to act like we did.  I’m glad for that, because we all went exploring.  We could have done a better job sticking together and helping each other navigate, but we just weren’t ready for that.  We were all sponges.

Watch out for people who sell things.  That includes me!  Again I say, verify, verify, verify.  Make sure what I say lines up with other sources you check out.

You’ll have a lot of opportunities to spend money with services, consultants and the like.  I would make sure you do your homework before investing.  Talk to references, ask the hard questions, and be diligent in checking out these people.  Remember, I include myself in “these people.”  [Of course, I think I’ve got the best resources you can get your hands on — I had to throw that in there 🙂 ]

You can find out a lot from college coaches.  Don’t hesitate to call some and ask your questions.  They’ll have a variety of answers.  Not all coaches have the same strategy or opinion when it comes to recruiting.  But after a few phone calls, you’ll start seeing some consistency.  I think this is one of the best things you can do.  Yes, cold call them at schools where you have an interest.  Even better, make a few visits to area schools and get face-to-face with some coaches.

Does this whet your appetite for more?  In the premier episode of the Athletic Scholarship Podcast later this week, I’ll give you a lot more to chew on.  Come back to my website in a couple days and the page will be live and the podcast will be up.

I look forward to talking with you.

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