Thanks for the rBasketball arenaecruiting and athletic scholarship questions you’ve presenting lately.  These are questions many parents and student-athletes are wrestling with, so I thought I’d dig into a couple more in this post.

Q: “My daughter and I would like to attend local D2 tournaments games in our area. I know we can’t approach the D2 coaches, so how do we make contact with them? Send a email stating her interest in the school and that she will be in attendance watching the game? Will my daughter be allowed to hand a coach her player profile while at the game? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.”

A: The nice thing about recruiting is that the contact rules apply to coaches.  The parent and student-athlete can make contact with the coaches anywhere and anytime.  You can visit a school, meet with the coach, tour the campus, deliver information, etc.

The same is true for attending these tournament games.  Yes, your daughter can go and approach the coach.  However, it may not be very effective at the game itself.  The coach is “in the zone” before and during the game.  The best time to approach the coach is after the game.  She can hand the player profile to the coach then, but I would also highly recommend sending the complete Introductory Packet by mail or email.  A coach has a lot on his or her mind during competition.

I think it is a good idea what you have planned.  She’ll make an impression on the coach that will make a difference when he or she gets the Intro Packet from your daughter.

Q:  “How do you get recruited in state when the schools you want to go to are recruiting from around the country to in state at a ratio of 3/1 ?  Been to camps and have not had direct feedback. Does one continue to go to camps hoping to get seen and recognized, even though you are going there without special invite or blow those schools off?”

A:  Coaches are looking for talented athletes wherever they are.  In your case, they are looking out of state because they are not seeing the talent in state.  It doesn’t mean it is not there.  It means they are not aware of many of the talented athletes.

If your kid can compete at these schools, you need to contact them.  If your son or daughter shows personal interest, the coach will follow up if he believes the talent level is appropriate.  As I’ve said for years and years, take the initiative.  Student-athletes don’t just happen to be discovered unless they are at the top tier.  And coaches are not just going from game to game watching athletes.  They go to games knowing who they are looking at.

As far as camps, have a strategy.  Attend camps that are indeed recruiting camps.  Ask the coaches in advance if they are recruiting camps or instructional camps.  The invitation to the camp is not the key point.  Coaches send out mass mailings trying to get kids to come to their camps.  These camps are great fundraisers for the programs, but not all are recruiting camps.  Attend the camps at schools where your kid has an interest and where the program is recruiting through the camp.

If you have a recruiting question, go ahead an ask in the comment section below.


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  • mary bowe says:

    my DAUGHTER has an official offer from a school, the coach attended a tournament she was in one week before her OFFICIAL viisit to the school. He did not introduce himself or email her, should we be concerned

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