RunnersTens of thousands of talented high school athletes get passed over by college coaches every year.  In fact, I’d even say over a hundred thousand.

I see it all the time.  Talented athletes with high hopes have those hopes dashed when they expect attention from college coaches but don’t get any.  What makes it worse is that they see other athletes in town get offers.  And they know that they have just as much talent as that other athlete.

What’s wrong?  Is the system broken?  Why do some of the best athletes get overlooked?

I can tell you from experience that our twin sons would not have gotten recruited if we had not taken things into our own hands.  I’m so thankful for a great friend, Jeff, who led us through the process.  But even he was only able to take us so far.  We needed to act and follow through with specific steps that got them recruited.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of sharing recruiting secrets with hundreds of families, helping them achieve their scholarship dreams.  Instead of having their hopes dashed, student-athletes have had their hopes realized.  Athlete after athlete has been recruited, and in the past 13 years these athletes have competed at the school of their choice.

I want that for your family.  In fact, I am committed to making it a reality for families that will make the same effort our family did, and that hundreds of other Recruit-Me families have.  Here’s what you have to commit to in order to be recruited:

1.  Make your son or daughter known to college coaches by sending out an initial introductory packet.  Don’t wait for coaches to come to you.  In most cases, they don’t.   And when you’ve figured that out, it’s too late.

2.  Make your son or daughter known to college coaches by sending him or her to selected camps and showcases.  These would be at schools on your “high interest” list or where coaches from those schools will be.

3.  Make your son or daughter known to college coaches by having a video ready to send to coaches when they ask for one.  It is important to get the video shot and produced so you’ll be able to act fast and get coaches’ eyes on it.  You should park the video on YouTube so you can send the link to coaches.

These three things will be strategic in getting the attention of college coaches.  Don’t stand idly by.  Take action.

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