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You might not be too faStadiumr from achieving your scholarship dream.  Whether you’ve been contacted by many coaches or none, let’s put things in perspective.

If you’re talented and you can compete at the next level, there are schools that want you.  And they’ll offer you a scholarship.  You need to believe that.  It’s true.  When we went through this experience with our twin sons, the day we found that perfect match was incredible.  There is a perfect match for you, too.

That lead me to my next point.  You need to compete.  I don’t mean in your sport, but for a scholarship. You can’t sit back and wait.  You need to make yourself known.  There are thousands and thousands of athletes competing for every scholarship position, so you need to make every effort to be one who is chosen.   Hope isn’t going to cut it.  Hope doesn’t win games and it doesn’t win scholarships.  You need to get to work.

$15 off couponMy third point is that you need to want to compete at the next level.  Every week should be an opportunity to improve.  Don’t settle for where you’re at now.  You have not even come close to reaching your potential.  Imagine how good you will be when you get there.  Don’t get wrapped up in the accolades of others who tell you how great you are and how well you competed in your last opportunity.  Stay humble and work hard at getting better.

Finally, don’t let anyone squash your dream.  I always knew I would compete in college, and I did. It never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t.  It wasn’t until a couple years into college that I realized most of my high school teammates never set foot on the college field.  Set your standards high and pursue your dream.

Compete.  Compete hard.  On and off the field.  Your scholarship dream may not be that far away from reality.

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