Back patio viewAs I sit here blogging on the back patio, with a view in the distance of where my boys played college ball, it is a bit surreal. You see, our family lived 1,100 miles away when our sons came here. My wife and I made the treks every spring to watch them play, but never in a blue moon expected to live here someday.

All three of our kids are still at least 1,100 miles away from us, spread around the world. In fact, one son and his family are 5,000 miles away by my estimate. But, here I am, watching the sun set over the campus, nestled in the foothills in the picture.

I guess you could say I’m “dreaming backwards.” Instead of thinking ahead about college careers and possible scholarships, I’m reflecting on those days they did compete here. And, thankfully, we didn’t have to pay anything.

But, for you, the dream is ahead of you for your son or daughter. I’ve had such a good time lately talking with and having email exchanges with several parents. I’m energized about the opportunity to help their student-athlete get an athletic scholarship.

I’m committed to that.  “But how long does this crazy experience take?” you might be asking “And when should we start?”   But more importantly, I want to share with you how to get extraordinary results.

Every time I hear from a parent about their family’s victory, I truly get excited. I know this recruiting road isn’t easy, and when victory comes, it is to be celebrated.

As you look ahead to your family’s dream of an athletic scholarship, I want to encourage you to keep the dream alive no matter what the circumstances. One of the biggest reasons student-athletes don’t get scholarships, after starting the recruiting process, is because they quit on the dream. Hardship will come, but as a parent, you need to help your son or daughter shake it off and keep going.

I just finished the book The ONE Thing, and the authors made this statement which I want to share with you at this point: “Sticking with something long enough for success to show up is a fundamental requirement for achieving extraordinary results.”

So, you see, it’s not a magic bullet or some big secret that will get you extraordinary results.  It’s the same principle as athletics.  A great athlete sticks with it and works at this or her skills.  The athlete advances to the next level be cause he or she doesn’t quit.  In fact, pushing through the toughest times is what brings victory.

Let me close by answering the two most popular questions I get asked, as I referred to them earlier.

How long does the recruiting process take?  Well, most families start in the athlete’s junior year, so the process can go a year or more for that family.  Two years is about the average.  However, I encourage families to start contacting coaches in the sophomore year, if possible.  In that case, the recruiting process could last up to three years.

So, the answer to the second question, “When should we start?” is ideally sophomore year.  However, you can use freshman year to research schools and check out the programs, and that would be great.

Since it is a long process, I encourage families to stick with it and not quit too soon.  Victory is on the other side of hard work and some of the toughest crossroads.

If you haven’t downloaded the Parent’s Guide to Athletic Scholarships, I encourage you to do that.

If you have any questions, or would like to share your comments about your recruiting experience so far, please leave them below.

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