TrackI won’t kid you.  The recruiting journey is not easy.   Let’s face it, your son or daughter is probably not in the top 100 in the nation in their sport.  Coaches are not going to flock to them.  The will have to work.

Such was the case with our twin boys.  They were not the best in the league, county or on their team.  They had to put out effort to be seen by college coaches.  Effort off the field in order to be seen on the field.

I remember spending a lot of time with them, helping them write letters, send information to coaches, put together a video, go to camps, travel for tournaments…  all those things.  And you know what?  It was worth it.  Even if they had not gotten a scholarship.  Yeah, we grew close through this experience.

I was just talking with one of my sons about this experience a couple weeks ago.  In fact, I recorded our conversation, and it will be part of a recruiting course I’m putting together.  I wanted to hear from his perspective, today, what stuck in his mind from 15 years ago.  You’ll enjoy hearing his comments and wisdom for today’s athletes and parents.

But let’s get back to our topic…

So how do you get from where you are to where you want to go?  From here to there, in other words.  From here to scholarship offers.

Today, I want to focus on one thing:  Have a plan.

The plan I’m talking about is like a blueprint for a house or a road map to get you to your destination.   I bet you’ve gotten a lot of information lately.  The internet is full of articles, ideas, websites and videos that pour out some aspect of recruiting.  But I bet you’re confused.  Too much input!  And information that you’re trying to piece together.

So step back.  Stop getting information.  Stop bouncing from one great idea to the next.  Instead, clear your calendar and set aside at least one hour to write out the plan you and your athlete will follow.  Then do it.

“I don’t know where to start,” you say.  “That’s why I’ve been looking on the Internet!”

I don’t think you give yourself enough credit.  Just use common sense.  This isn’t as complicated as some make you think.  You can write out a plan.  It will not be your final plan, but it is a start.  Then you can bring in some of the tools, resources and information that you’ve found and accumulated.  Use the ones that fit your plan.

Remember, this is just a start.  We will work from there.  But you need to clear your mind and all the bits and pieces of information that have you doubting and wondering what to do.

Write it Out

I’d like you to write out your plan and I’ll even look at it afterwards and let you know if you’re on the right track.  Just email it to me at

And be looking for the August 1 release of the Recruiting and Athletic Scholarship Mini-Course I’d like every parent to take.  I’ve completed all the teaching videos and I’ll be releasing it the first of the month.  I’ll let you know when it is available.  It’s called “Five Steps to an Athletic Scholarship.”

Update on Titus

I have to extend another “thank you” for all the encouraging comments and the prayers for our grandson Titus.  I am thrilled to tell you that in nine days he has progressed at an amazing rate.  I am awestruck and see God’s grace and goodness in this.  He had a hard surgery last Thursday, but now he is off the respirator, is breathing strong, and has been moved out of the highest risk area.  I marvel at his progress and I know the Lord has done the miraculous in his life.  My wife and I look forward to seeing him again today.



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