IcebergGetting recruited isn’t magic.  Coaches don’t just show up at your doorstep, or at your games, meets or matches.

However, most parents don’t realize this.  They don’t see what goes on behind the scenes to get the attention of college coaches.  That has to be frustrating.

Picture an iceberg.  What you see above the surface is minute compared to what’s below the surface.  That’s why a mighty cruise ship can be destroyed by running into an iceberg.  But you knew that.

In recruiting, there’s a lot that goes on below the surface to attract the attention of college coaches.  Let me run a few by you.

1.  Moving towards coaches.  Don’t wait for them to find your son or daughter.  Take an aggressive stand and get your athlete’s name out there.  Letters, emails, phone calls, camp appearances are all ways that y0u can get the coaches to take notice. 

2.  Be persistent.  Let’s face it, coaches are not waiting around to hear from you.  They have an agenda and your son or daughter is not on it– yet.  Keep making contact and giving coaches information so they will take a look at your athlete.  So your athlete becomes an agenda item.  Don’t just give it one shot.

3.  Get better.  Your son or daughter must always be improving.  Stale athletes have  less of a chance of being noticed.  Sharpness is key.  Taking their game to a higher level is important.  Don’t let your athlete settle for the talent level he or she has right now.  Find them a mentor or instructor.  Take advantage of instructional camps and things like that.

4.  Keep grades at the highest level possible.  Your son or daughter is going to college to get a degree so they can move ahead in the world after that.  Athletics may be the ticket, but athletics are not the destination.  The chances of going pro after college are miniscule.  You must have that perspective and be diligent in making your athlete a believer.

5.  Ask other families how they did it.  You likely know at least one athlete that has received a scholarship.  Talk to the family and get the details.  If that athlete is not a blue chip athlete, then what they did likely applies to you.

August is slipping away quickly.  What will you do to apply one or more of these steps of action by August 30?  Make a commitment and write it out in the comment box below.  Then you’re accountable to others.

If you have any questions, ask them below.  If you really want to go deeper, then I wholeheartedly encourage you to take my free Athletic Scholarship Mini-Course.  It’s all online so check it out.  I designed it for parents and student-athletes that need to get some traction in their recruiting efforts.  You’ll learn the five steps to an athletic scholarship and you’ll be applying them right away.

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