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On this first day of summer, reality hits.

The major recruiting season is underway.  The next 60 days can be the road to an athletic scholarship.  The challenge is to stay on the road and not slide off the shoulder.

Let me share three things that you’ll need to do this summer to stay on the scholarship road.  Don’t get sidetracked and end up in the ditch.

You see, if you can keep your son or daughter disciplined this summer, it will yield huge benefits.  Athletic, academic and financial.

#1: Get out of the garage. The summer will pass you by if you don’t get started.  There’s a tendency to take it easy in the summer but recruiting doesn’t go on vacation in June, July and August.  If you stay in “park,” you’ll be left in the dust by other families that realize that summer is golden for recruiting.

#2: Keep your eyes on the road. You’ll be tempted to turn off the road and take a shortcut to your scholarship destination.  In reality, there are no shortcuts.  It’s about hard work and sticking with the things that have proven to work.  Here are a few:

  • Contact college coaches. Don’t sit and wait.
  • Visit a few schools. It speaks volumes to coaches.
  • Craft a compelling introductory package.
  • Produce your athlete’s video and post it on YouTube so you can send coaches there.
  • Avoid advice from other families that have not succeeded. Everyone has advice and taking the wrong advice will indeed send you sliding into a ditch.

#3: Step on the gas. Don’t view summer as a time to pull back.  This is a season when your student-athlete can improve.  Set a 60-day goal around the theme of taking their talent to the next level.  It may involve additional instruction and coaching, but could be well worth it by the end of the summer.  It always yielded benefits when we invested in personal instruction for our twin sons.  Keep in mind, though, that summer should be fun.  Make sure you’re keeping a balance for your son or daughter so they do have fun.

These three things will keep you on the road when other families drive off or run out of gas.  You’ve got a couple months to maximize, so stick with it.


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