Jon FuglerSo many families have asked some great questions about recruiting and athletic scholarships, and I’ve been listening. As a result, I’m thrilled to announce a brand new resource that will answer those questions and go beyond what you’ve expressed or imagined.

This is something that I’ve had on my plate for over a year, and it will make its debut in the next two weeks. I’ll be addressing the biggest issues in recruiting and scholarships when I debut the “Athletic Scholarship Podcast.” It’s the only podcast of its kind.

Podcasting is becoming one of the fastest growing digital tools for learning and gathering information on your terms. It’s on demand so it’s on your schedule. This regular audio vault will get right to the heart of what you need to know and do as your family pursues an athletic scholarship.

I’ll be interrogating a variety of guests that will get to the core of the topics that are important to you. Things you must know and do to be successful in your scholarship pursuit.

The premier episode of the Athletic Scholarship Podcast is coming in less than two weeks. I’ll send you an email alert if you shoot me an email with your address, or you can just check back here for the announcement.  It will also be available on iTunes.

I have a longtime background in radio, so you can imagine how excited I am to deliver critical content in a way that I feel real comfortable with. Certainly more comfortable that the videos I’ve shot!

If you haven’t told me your biggest recruiting challenge, do it now. I’m taking in the questions, statements and challenges from parents and student-athletes and addressing these things in upcoming podcast episodes. Simply email me and I’ll pull things together in my Podcasting file to respond to the issues you raise.

This will be fun! I look forward to speaking to you in less than two weeks on the premier episode of the Athletic Scholarship Podcast.

I’ll post the announcement here, but if you’d like to receive a personal email, then email me and I’ll make sure you hear from me the day the premier episode is available.

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