When the parent and student-athlete work together on the recruiting process, the success rate soars.  It’s a team effort.

I Recruit-Me Manualwant you to take you to an excerpt from my manual, the Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System, centering on principles for Parent/Athlete teamwork:

The recruiting journey is one that you should take as a family, if at all possible. Parents have an important role, as does the student-athlete.

This is not a sprint, but a marathon, and you will need each other for encouragement, support and sharing the workload.

If you are a student-athlete, here are the things you should focus on:

1. Your academics. We can’t tell you how important this is. You can literally eliminate yourself from a scholarship opportunity by getting into grade trouble. However, you can lift yourself above other scholarship prospects by excelling in academics. Do the best job you can. That’s all anyone can ask.

2. Become a better athlete. The more skilled you become, the greater your chTrackances of being noticed and getting a scholarship. There’s no doubt about it, this is a competitive field. Other athletes in your sport are working on getting better, and you need to stay ahead of as many of them as possible.

The amount of work you put into improving will indicate how serious you are about competing past high school. Although you can’t do all of the things we will list, you can pick one or two: attend instructional camps, take lessons, watch instructional videos, video your performance and study it, find someone who will mentor you in your sport. When it stops being fun, then it is probably time to give up the sport and pursue other interests.

3. Communicate with coaches. Be sure to write letters and send emails. Provide coaches with updates after every season. Write or call back if they write or call you. If you stop communicating with them, they will assume you are no longer interested. You want to keep your options open until you are certain you are not interested in that school. Usually that will come in the final months before you make your decision.

4. Ask a parent or an adult mentor to help you go through this process. You need someone on your team. Preferably, a parent. However, if that is not possible, then find someone who can help you succeed. It is too tough and too long to go through this yourself. And you will need someone you can ask advice and actually help you do some of the letter writing and tracking communications.

As for parents:

1. Be an encourager. Your son or daughter will need this. There will be a lot of ups and downs. He or she will be pursued by some coaches and rejected by others. You’ll have to help your child keep a positive attitude and move forward.

2. Handle the paperwork. Take the leadership in drafting the letters, profiles and questionnaires. Send them out. Don’t do all the work yourself, but work as a team with your son or daughter. With all the communications to so many coaches, your child cannot do it all and still compete athletically and academically. And, over time, you will have to keep a good record of the communications with the coaches.

3. Discuss the process with your son or daughter. Find out what is going through his or her mind along the way. Get an idea of his or her interest in certain schools. Work through it together as you narrow down your choices.

If you work together as a team, each carrying out his or her role, the whole process will be less stressful.


What’s your next step?

Head knowledge and experience are two different things. You can know what tNCAA Conferenceso do in the recruiting process, but there’s nothing like experiencing it. I’ve given you the information and tools you need to get started in the process, but there is so much more.

Once coaches start to respond, you’ll need to manage those relationships and keep the coaches interested in your son or daughter. You’ll need to help your son or daughter stay on top of the recruiting process.

Since our sons headed off to college in 2001, I’ve been helping parents and athletes achieve the scholarship dream. I’ve taken them from step one to making the school choice. For some, it’s a one year process. For others, it’s two or three years. But in every case, if a talented athlete follows the steps I give them, they succeed in getting recruited by multiple schools.

I assume you’re serious about helping your son or daughter pursue an athletic scholarship.

I want to answer the “What’s your next step?” question for you.

I’ve developed and perfected a suite of resources that will take you every step of the way in your scholarship pursuit. Every family that uses these resources gets results. Yes, it’s hard work, but you’re not flying blind anymore.

These resources will save you tons of time a boatload of money. You wouldn’t believe how much money families waste because they keep trying things to see what will work. Consultants, services, camps, showcases, tournaments, travel, hotel, team fees… do I need to go on? You know how fast the dollars add up, and yet you’re not sure what will bring results and get your son or daughter recruited.

But with the resources I provide, it takes the guesswork out of the recruiting process.

Not only do you get a suite of resources, I also make myself available to my Recruit-Me families for dialogue, questions and feedback. In other words, I’ll be your scholarship coach. Without the high cost of a consultant or service.

If you’ve found this page and my website helpful, it’s just the beginning of the benefits you’ll receive with the other resources and tools described below if you want to take things further with a Recruit-Me Gold or Platinum Premium Membership.

#1: Recruit-Me ManualRecruit-Me Manual

The core of your Premium Membership is the best-selling Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System Manual. It’s your textbook. It’s the only resource of its kind. The Recruit-Me Manual takes you step-by-step through the recruiting process, and all the other resources in your membership work in tandem with the Manual.

For instance, in the Manual and supporting resources, I’ll teach you:

  • How to select the right colleges – and the right coaches – to contact, so you don’t waste valuable time.
  • How to jump-start your recruiting campaign and get calls and letters from coaches within 3-4 weeks. I’ve given you some of that information already in this short e-book, but the Manual goes into more detail, including more sample documents.
  • How to reveal to coaches exactly what you want them to know, to put your son or daughter in the best light.
  • The right ways for your son or daughter to respond when coaches contact them, so they don’t make a mistake that will damage their scholarship hopes.
  • The best questions to ask coaches so you can get an honest evaluation of them and their school, protecting your son or daughter from a bad choice that could end their athletic career. There are lots of horror stories like that. In the Manual, you’ll find an appendix with specific questions on athletics, academics and college life at that school.
  • How to keep coaches interested through the whole recruiting process, so you don’t get knocked out of the running. You’ll learn exactly how to stay on a coach’s radar, even for two or three years.
  • How to choose and utilize recruiting camps and showcases so you get the best bang for your buck and get in front of the most and right coaches. This is so important, because you can go broke going to camps or showcases that don’t help your son or daughter at all.
  • The secrets behind a good video—when and how to use it so it increases your athlete’s scholarship chances.
  • How to save endless hours responding to coaches inquiries, but get them the best information that will help your son or daughter’s scholarship chances. Communication is key, and you need to have a plan. I help you develop your complete plan.
  • How to keep all the details straight while you communicate with dozens of coaches, so your athlete doesn’t embarrass himself or herself on the phone calls.
  • How to make the final school choice based on the offers given, as well as other critical factors.

#2 Recruit-Me Personal WorkbookCover_Work Book_revised_undated-resized-600

The Recruit-Me Personal Workbook is an important companion to the Manual. This is a tool to help you more quickly prepare each document and work through the Recruit-Me steps. The 40-page Personal Workbook helps you write your first drafts of each of the documents by using a fill-in-the-blanks approach. It also provides editable template forms.

#3 Recruit-Me Audio Book (Platinum Members)

Some people learn best by listening, so the Recruit-Me Audio Brecruit-me-audiobookook is perfect. The Audio Book presents the same information as the Recruit-Me Manual in a form you can listen to. I personally talk you through every step of the proven Recruit-Me process, covering the entire athletic recruiting sequence from beginning to end. You can listen together with your son or daughter, then discuss how you’re going to apply the material. The Recruit-Me Audio Book is an mp3 digital download.

#4 Complete College Coaches Database

College Coaches Online is an online searchable data base, so you can use the web to search your sport, CCO-Logo-Map-Smalldivision, location, size of student body, tuition costs, even academic admissions requirements. In a few seconds, College Coaches Online displays all the matching schools and coach information, including the head coaches’ names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. This is the most accurate and up-to-date directory of head coaches for every college and every sport. Because of our relationship with College Coaches Online, your Recruit-Me Premium Membership gives you a free full one-year College Coaches subscription, making it easy to create your complete personal coach contact list.

#5 Ongoing CoachingJon Fugler, scholarship coach

You won’t be going through your recruiting process alone. Every two weeks for several months, you’ll receive a coaching email from me. I want to make sure you stay on track in your scholarship journey. I will encourage you and your athlete, help you focus, provide advice and keep you accountable. I will do everything in my power to make sure you maximize all the Recruit-Me tools and resources. In addition, I will be available to you at any time during the process for questions, evaluating your documents or whatever coaching you need. Through your entire campaign.

#6 Podcasts with D1 College Coaches (Platinum members)College Coaches

Find out what three D-1college coaches are looking for in a scholarship athlete and how they recommend you pursue the dream. How do they do their recruiting? How can you get your son or daughter on a coach’s radar, from a coach’s perspective? What are the best practices in the recruiting process? From their viewpoint, what should you not do? These three in-depth interviews will open your eyes and help you refine your approach to the recruiting process. Provided in MP3 format so you can listen wherever you want.

#7 College Recruiting Kits

You can easily get lost in the recruiting rules maze. We have pulled together the most important recruiting and eligibility guidebooks for you: NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. You’ll get these as downloads.

Your Next Step

As you can see, I’ll equip you completely for your recruiting and scholarship journey. There’s nothing like this available to parents and athletes today. And, every resource has been tried and tested for over a decade. They work.

You would expect to pay well over $1,000 for all the resources you get with Gold or Platinum Membership. If you were to hire a service or consultant, that figure could be $2,000 or $3,000 or more. I know from the experience with our kids!

However, one of my core values with Recruit-Me is to make Premium Membership affordable for almost any family. That’s why I’ve priced it as low as $177 for a Gold Level Membership.

You can see all your options for Premium Membership and start right away with the one that best meets your needs:


I look forward to helping your family achieve its scholarship dream.





Jon Fugler, CEO, Recruit-Me

P.S. The best way to achieve your student-athlete’s scholarship dream is to let me lead your family through this critical process. I want to provide you with the best resources and coaching available to take you step-by-step all the way to making your best school choice.

Explore your Premium Membership options and choose the one that best fits you.

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