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This is the weekly podcast for parents and athletes that exploreJon Fuglers every aspect of recruiting and athletic scholarships. It’s coaching you can apply to your family’s athletic scholarship pursuit. It’s primarily for parents, but athletes will benefit, too.

Recruit-Me CEO and scholarship coach Jon Fugler hosts the Athletic Scholarship Podcast. He has been helping families since 2002 and is an expert in the athletic scholarship field.

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Episode #71: Advice for Sports Moms… from a Sports Mom

It’s tough being a mother of a high school athlete.  In this Thanksgiving episode, Jon interviews a mom who went through the process and has wisdom to share from her perspective.

Jon invites his wife, Noonie, into the studio to share some candid thoughts to help moms in the recruiting pursuit.  Dads and athletes, you should listen, too, so you understand the tough role of the mom.

Noonie shares her heart and steps into the shoes of moms.  What she says is relatable and actionable.  But not too heavy for Thanksgiving Weekend.

Jon and Noonie went through this process successfully with their twin sons many years ago, but the lessons learned still apply today.

Get some good advice and be encouraged in your role as a sports mom.


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Episode #70: How to Build Your Player Profile or Resume

You’re not a recruit unless a college coach knows about you. The most important document you can create for this purpose is your Player Profile or Resume.

In this episode, recruiting expert and author Jon Fugler shares the specifics on how you can create a Player Profile/Resume that makes a great first impression on college coaches.


He’ll walk you through all the details for every section on your Profile, directly from his upcoming audio book, The Athletic Scholarship Playbook.

Listen and learn, then build your Profile.


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Episode #69: National Signing Day is Here
What is Your Next Step?

How do you feel when you see a slew of athletes sign their National Letter of Intent and you don’t?

That’s what’s happening this week. National Signing Day is here for many sports. TV coverage, newspapers, sports shows, websites, everywhere. We’re going to see seniors lock in their college futures with a stroke of a pen.

If you’re a senior, where does that leave you if you’re not signed this week?

Don’t panic, there is plenty of time. And Jon Fugler leads you through the thought process for your continued strategy for your scholarship pursuit. In fact, he gives you five things to consider in the coming months.

If you’re not a senior, then of course you have a lot of time to navigate your recruiting journey.

No matter what your year, this is a great time to re-focus and clarify your strategy. Jon gives you details on how to do that and propel yourself in these final two months of the year.


National Letter of Intent signing dates by sport

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Episode #68: Interview: How to Communicate with College Coaches
Part Two with College Planning Expert Kathy Connor

Kathy Connor (left), a decorated collegiate swimmer in the 80’s, is back with us. We continue the conversation about the four elements of choosing the school with the best fit.

In this episode, Jon Fugler and Kathy center on the athletic fit. If you missed the first three elements, be sure to listen to Episode 67 first.

Recruiting isn’t a science, but it involves human relationships. Kathy confirms that in the advice she gives parents and athletes. She draws on her work with hundreds of families as she shares her thoughts with Jon.

Families often have their sights set in the wrong direction, so Kathy’s