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For many student-athletes, summer is almost here.  If you’re state is like mine, school is out in mid-May.  It doesn’t really matter, though, if you’re out in May or June, you need to prepare now for the summer recruiting season.  You see, this is the time of the year college coaches put recruiting in full gear.  Every college coach is out of season in the summer, and they are on the recruiting trail.

So what are you doing to be seen by some of these coaches?  Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Get your introductory packet finished so you can put it in front of coaches.
  2. Look for one or two camps, tournaments or showcases where you can compete in front of college coaches.  Beware, though, about spending too much money.  Be selective.
  3. Visit nearby schools where you have an interest.  It’s a great chance to see the school, visit with the coach, talk with department heads, and things like t$15 off couponhat.
  4. Put your recruiting strategy together.  We have tools available for you to do that.  Read past blog posts, too, as a way of gathering as much knowledge as possible.
  5. Study websites of programs where you have an interest.  The web is so valuable in the research process.  You should also go on YouTube and see if there are any videos posted from these programs.  I went on my alumni site and saw a real cool strength and conditioning promo video.  It really showed the heart and character of the program.


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