A pounding hail storm that turned in to a steady rain halted any chance of me recording a video post today, so we’ll have to cover the material the old-fashioned way.  Well, I did shoot an 18-second video with my phone, but it has nothing to do with recruiting.  Check out the hail:


This week, I have a tough question for you to answer.

You are probably in one of three situations.

1.  You’ve been pursuing an athletic scholarship for your son our daughter for some time.  Maybe a year or more.  And you’re not sure how it will all turn out.

2.  You’ve been working on this for a very short time.  You’ve done some things, but coaches aren’t knocking the door down.

3.  You’re just getting started in the scholarship pursuit.

Regardless of where you’re at with your son or daughter in this journey, let me ask the tough question:

How committed are you to success?

I ask that question because so many families start down this road but lose heart along the way.  In fact, most families do that.

You are pursuing a high honor with your son or daughter.  It’s not easy, or everyone would get scholarships.  It takes exceptional effort to capture that athletic scholarship you and your student-athlete have been dreaming about.

The Key to Success

Hard work is the #1 key to an athletic scholarship.  This kind of hard work:

  • Hard work on the field or court.
  • Hard work in the classroom.
  • Hard work getting in front of college coaches.
  • Hard work earning the continued interest of college coaches.
  • Hard work sticking with it even when things go silent for a few months.
  • Hard work encouraging your son or daughter when they lose interest or hope, which can happen often.

I want you to know that if you’ll commit to hard work in those six areas, I’ll commit to leading you to an athletic scholarship.  I will walk with you, coach you, work with you and give you input and insight along the way.

I really mean it when I say it comes down to hard work.  There’s no magic to this and you don’t just get lucky.  You see, most talented athletes don’t get athletic scholarships because both parents and athletes believe that coaches will find the athlete.  So they wait instead of work.

Take some time to read the free Parent’s Guide to Athletic Scholarships.  If you haven’t downloaded it, do so on the left.  Then, once you’re done reading it, contact me and let’s take the next step together.

Oh, by the way… now it’s snowing!!

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