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Jon Fugler

Jon Fugler, CEO

You’re getting started on an exciting and rewarding journey. Your Recruit-Me Start-Up Kit will get you off and running immediately.  If you get to work right away, your student-athlete will start hearing from college coaches in the next 30 days.  Your Start-Up Kit is all digital, so you’ll have instant access.

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You will receive an email from me within a few minutes with the Subject: “Downloading your digital product“. I sent it immediately after checkout to the email address you gave me when you placed your Recruit-Me order.

This is an important email because it contains the link to your Download Page.
You must visit this page to get the Recruit-Me Start-Up Kit you purchased.
Your download page will expire in 72 hours, but can be utilized multiple times until then.
If it expires before you’ve completed your downloads, contact me at

If you didn’t receive the email:
“Downloading your digital product”

» Make sure you gave me the correct email address. You’d be surprised how often people misspell their own email address OR leave it out entirely. Then we have no way to get the information to you. If you made this mistake, shoot me a quick email with your correct email address at

» See if it ended up in your Junk folder. You never know what your spam filter might categorize as junk – it’s mostly beyond your or my control. If you find it in your Junk folder, add me to your address book to assure that you receive our emails in the future.

If you still can’t find your “Downloading your digital product” email,
please email me at so we can figure out
together what went wrong and how to get it to you.

Thanks again for your Recruit-Me purchase. If you encounter any problems downloading your documents, or opening them once you’ve received them, please e-mail me at