Athletic Scholarship PodcastI’m just a couple days away from releasing the next episode of the Athletic Scholarship Podcast.  This time, you’ll get the benefit of hearing from a college coach who has been recruiting at some of the nation’s leading programs for two decades.

Here are three things he pushed during the interview.  I’ll only give you a cursory view here,  because I want you to hear the details in his own words.   Be sure to check back on my podcast page in a couple days for the release of this new episode.

  1.  Do your research.  This coach made a  big point about visiting the schools highest on your list and spending time on campus, with the coach, and watching the team work out.  This would be an unofficial visit, and you can make as many of those as you want.
  2. Academics is so important.  If you don’t have the grades, the coach can’t get you in. So work hard now so you can have a choice of schools when it’s time to make your decision.
  3. The scholarship offer is not the most important factor in your decision.  So what is most important?  This coach will talk in more detail about this in the interview.

My interview is full of good meat, and I know it will help you in your recruiting efforts.  I’m putting the final touches on the podcast episode, so check back in a couple days.  You can also subscribe on iTunes and get notified right after the episode is released.

As you get closer to the weekend, I want to encourage you to begin thinking about 2016 and start listing your top three priorities in pursuing an athletic scholarship.  You might feel like time is slipping away, so I urge you to write out your priorities– and goals.  If you write them out, you’re much more likely to get the work done.

I also want to encourage parents and athletes to work together in the recruiting process.  Neither can do it alone, and working together is a key to success.  In my interview with the college coach on the podcast, he shares some strong convictions about the responsibilities of the athlete and the parent.


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