FootballAs promised, here’s your Recruiting “Edge of the Day #2.”  It’s Recruiting Breakthrough Week and I want to make sure this entire summer is a breakthrough.

Recruiting Breakthrough Edge of the Day:  Make school visits.  It speaks volumes to college coaches.

Now, about school visits…

Letters, emails and phone calls are have a place in recruiting.  But when your family makes a personal visit, that takes it to the next level and gives you the recruiting edge.  Here’s why:

#1:  Coaches want to know your son or daughter is interested in their program.  Unless your athlete is in the top tier, coaches are not going to jump through hoops to convince you their program and school is the place for your athlete.  They want to spend time recruiting athletes that are sincerely interested.  A personal visit, at your own expense, communicates that.  Your athlete will have the edge over other recruits with similar athletic talent.

#2:  This will help you honestly evaluate a school and program.  Spending several hours on a campus and with the coaches will give you more information than you can get any other way.  You can narrow down your choices this way and truly find the program that is the best fit for your son or daughter.

#3:  It gives you something to compare from school to school.  Sure, you can wait until you get offered an official visit or two, but don’t you want to know more about the schools and programs earlier in the college choice process?  I think so.  Take the initiative and visit schools in your athlete’s junior year (even the summer before).

I hope that helps as you gain the recruiting edge.  Be looking for tomorrow’s Edge of the Day.

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