BaseballHere’s “Recruiting Breakthrough Edge of the Day #3″, in a daily series of 5, giving you a solid edge in the critical summer recruiting season. This is Recruiting Breakthrough Week.

Breakthrough Recruiting Edge of the Day: Send updates after every season and significant educational milestone.

The key to continued interest by college coaches is “communication.”  You must keep showing interest or the coach’s interest in your athlete will fade.  Coaches have a busy schedule and a lot of recruits on their radar, so you have to keep your son or daughter in front of them.

The best way to do that is to send an update after every season, school year, SAT and ACT test, etc.  In other words, when there is something to tell coaches, send an update.  This can simply be a one-page document with the information.

It can be sent with an email or cover letter that starts like this:

“Dear Coach Smith, I wanted to send you an update with my stats from the past season.  You can add this to my file…”

I know this advice today is short and sweet, but this simple action keeps your athlete on the radar and shows continued interest.  Communication is key.

Be looking for your next Recruiting Breakthrough Edge of the Day tomorrow.

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