Track communicationIt’s been a good Recruiting Breakthrough Week. I’ve alerted you to a critical recruiting season that will happen over the next 60-90 days. Summer is huge, especially since all college sports will be out of season and the coaches are recruiting heavily.

I urge you–make this truly a Recruiting Breakthrough Week for your family. It leads to a Breakthrough Summer. Please don’t miss the golden opportunity.

Here’s your “Recruiting Breakthrough Edge of the Day #5.” It’s your last one and will indeed give you a recruiting edge this summer.

Recruiting Breakthrough Edge of the Day #5: Track your communications with coaches with excellence. It pays off.

You’ll have a lot of communications going on with a number of coaches, and it is impossible to do it by memory. Log every conversation, email, text, etc.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting a call from a coach and not having the right information about previous conversations—or worse, confusing this coach with another one. It could kill your recruiting relationship.

Coaches are documenting their communication with your son or daughter, so your family must to the same with the coaches. It can be a wild time.

Just as a good first impression is critical, a personal, well informed relationship is critical as the process continues.

A simple excel spreadsheet is fine. Be as detailed as you can about every conversation. Copy emails in to the spreadsheet. If you refer back to details when you’re speaking with a coach or exchanging emails, that will make a huge impression.

Athlete, be better than the average recruit. Stand out in the way you communicate.

If you have any questions about what I’ve covered this week, please be sure to ask me.  I want to make sure this is a Breakthrough Summer for you.

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