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“My father heard about the Recruit-Me program through co-workers with children looking into college athletics.  He bought the program for me because I had always dreamt about playing collegiate water polo but did not know how to take a step in the right direction.  Recruit-Me taught me how to create my own introductory packet using the templates provided.  I sent out the packet to coaches throughout the U.S.  Of the packets I sent, I received numerous phone calls from coaches expressing interest in me.  I ultimately went on three recruiting trips and now am a Division I collegiate water polo player, much thanks to the help of Jon and Ron and their Recruit-Me System.” (Alicia B., California)

“I was skeptical when I purchased the product. I am an assistant Varsity Baseball coach and my son who is a junior in high school now, but we buckled down and followed the program and it is working.  The Recruit-Me System has generated response from numerous colleges coaches and I have since begun helping my other players, and it is working for them also. I have been to seminars where ex-pros and scouts are offering the same type of assistance but for a lot more money.  Thanks.”  (Coach RY, Ohio)

“For those parents/students who have no idea where to begin the recruiting process, this is the place you should start. My son received a full-ride football scholarship to a D-1 school with the help of the Recruit-Me System. The System is written in simple-to-understand terms and walks you step-by-step through the recruiting process. Don’t pay thousands of dollars to an overpriced recruiting service when you can accomplish this on your own with the Recruit-Me System. I recommend this program to all my friends embarking on the recruiting process. The Recruit-Me System is fantastic.” (Nancy P., California)

“While helping my son market himself to colleges for a possible football scholarship, I ran across the Recruit-Me website on the internet. I followed the System, and within a week, he was receiving letters from schools of all sizes (D1, D2, D3, NAIA), and even some junior colleges. He ended up with six solid offers. He accepted a full tuition offer from a great D2 school.

“My son was not a blue chip D1 player, but was better than average and we were convinced he could play college football at some level. Until we followed the steps of the Recruit- Me System, he received very little attention from schools. The thing I liked the most about it is the framework or structure it gives you to follow. If you follow the system, you will get results.

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“I looked into some other recruiting services, but they were very expensive. I believe this is by far the best way to go. I would highly recommend Recruit- Me to anyone going through the recruiting process for any sport. Jon and Ron, you have my permission to give out my phone number to anyone who wants to hear my story personally. I am a true believer in your product. It can change a young man’s life.” (Mike M., Michigan)

“I have loved the whole program because it gave me an opportunity to maintain a level of control over my son’s future. I was so afraid that I would get a book that I could do nothing with, like is often the case. This program is great and I would like to encourage more parents to become more involved in allowing their child to realize his/her dream.” (Robert B., Alabama)

“I am writing on behalf of my daughter Blake, who was the real beneficiary of your recruiting system. The recruiting tools and navigational advice your group provided were extremely insightful. In my daughter’s case, they helped her to successfully showcase her athletic skills that resulted in her now competing at an elite New England college. In her her words, ‘I am living my dream.’ Thank you for the help and on-going support.” (David H., Utah)

“Searching the web, we found endless information on dozens of search firms and advice columns and God knows what else, many of them making hopelessly impossible promises and accompanied by fees that ranged well in the thousands. There is a lot of bad and conflicting information out there.

“In our research, we discovered It seemed honest and straightforward and the concept was simple: ‘We have prepared a guide for you that if you follow it and do the work yourself, you can save yourself thousands of dollars and be able to develop a campaign that will at least get the exposure that is needed and put into the right hands.’

“This entire process started about five weeks ago and we have tried to faithfully follow the Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System through every step. We have contacted approximately 85 schools to date with two mailings and will do a third by end of season.

“To date, we have garnered interest from 5 Division III schools, 1 Division II, and 2 Division I’s and I’m discovering that while top tier D I schools aren’t going to be interested in a senior that they know nothing about, many of the smaller I’s and the II’s and III’s are a long way from making decisions. Additionally, we are somewhat optimistic because it’s in the middle of the college football season and most of the recruiters at the schools are also coaches who have their hands full right now with their own games. We think things will heat up in a few weeks. As you say in the System,’Don’t give up.’

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“If it hadn’t been for the Recruit-Me program, I’m not sure where we would be in all this, and I can say that it’s made all the difference in the world in guiding us down this convoluted path of recruiting. I recommend the program to anyone who is seeking guidance on how to navigate the recruiting process. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t do it for you. I have spent an enormous amount of time putting it all together, but feel confident in the end that this was the right way to go. If I had to do over again, and even if my son were a junior, this is the program I would use.” (Ernie W., Georgia)

“I most strongly feel your program helped my son receive a full scholarship to college. The way you structured the information made it a lot easier for us to “screen” potential schools down to the ones that best matched the school’s needs to my son’s needs. He just started in August at Western New Mexico University, and he would not have ended up there if it wasn’t for your program. I recommended your program to all of the underclassmen’s parents last school year when Tim was in high school. I still think you have a gold mine by offering the program to athletic departments, but that’s a business decision for your organization.” (Joe C., California)

“The biggest advantage of the Recruit-Me System is that it re-enforces the need for the parents and student athlete to take control of this process and do the steps necessary to be seen by college coaches. The process is not dependent on others doing work, or making contacts, for you.

“We received numerous responses from our introductory packet campaign, which led to questionnaires and invitations to various camps. By sifting through the information, we selected camps most beneficial to our college expectations from an academic and sports perspective. My son, a baseball player, ended up signing at the school with the coach he was most comfortable fit his style of play.

“The recruiting process if a very individual activity which requires effort and involvement by parents and player. The Recruit-Me System provides the road map, and when coupled with a motivated athlete, you can accomplish your goal. One last point of emphasis is that grades do matter. An athlete with comparable abilities and higher grades is well received by coaches and colleges. Work on the academic side of your game also!!!” (Tim M., Florida)

“The Recruit-Me System and your regular updates and emails were very important in my daughter’s recruiting effort. I learned valuable information and was motivated to continue in the right direction with the system. I would recommend Recruit-Me to others and credit the support and guidance for her recruiting success.” (Barbara B.)

“We sent 22 packets to track coaches. 19 coaches responded!!! Only a handful said Pat would not be eligible for any athletic scholarships, and those comments came from the larger DIV I conferences such as the Big Ten, ACC, PAC 10 and SEC. He received partial offers from about 12 schools.

“Pat ultimately decided to apply to and was accepted to his four colleges of choice. All four had offered partial athletic scholarships to him. Pat made his five official visits and several unofficial visits to these four schools.

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“Pat did not take any money from the track scholarship program [because he received his aid from the ROTC program], but he was offered. I have referred your System to many folks in our community. To my knowledge, all of these folks have bought the System. It helped us with mapping out a plan. Let me rephrase that, your System maps everything out for the user. All we had to do was follow the plan. We did, it worked and I have nothing but positive comments about Recruit-Me.” (Mike H., Virginia)

“My son is a great football player. He has been playing on Varsity since his sophmore year, and he has had a 4.0 throughout high school. He had no direction as to the recruiting process until we got the Recruit-Me info. Now he has intrest from 8 D-1 programs. Thanks Recruit-Me. We couldn’t have done it without you.” (Tracy J., California)

“When my son Nick was a freshman, I was on the internet checking out some of the locals stats in college baseball. I came across an ad for Recruit-Me. After reading about the program, I figured it was a small price to pay if it could help my son get an athletic scholarship. So I purchased the product.

“I was very determined to follow the system. We mailed out packages to about 40 colleges. Within a couple weeks we heard from many of them. I’d say after a month or so we heard back from almost all of them.

“The communication had begun. After my son’s sophomore year, I sent a video and more material.

“By now your kid is on their radar pretty good, a lot of e-mails back and forth, and stuff in the mail. College coaches have strict rules to follow as far as calling recruits and official visits, and in my experience they follow the rules, so don’t feel neglected if you don’t get a phone call. If they want you bad enough, you will get calls after your junior year.

“My son was invited to participate in a showcase that was set up like the Olympics, different parts of the state playing each other. He did very well his sophomore and junior year in front of about 50 coaches and scouts. So most of the coaches had info on Nick before the showcase, now they were seeing him play for real. Luckily for him he did well. First impressions are huge.

“The last thing I would like to stress the importance of is grades. My son had the talent to play D1, there were at least three schools very interested, but his GPA of about 2.6 or 2.7 was holding him back. The NCAA has their minimum, but every school has their own standards. If I could do it all over again, I would be on my kid all through high school to make sure he was at least a 3.0. Forget the NCAA 2.0 minimum. You will be lucky to get into any school with that.

“My son did get a scholarship to one of the best D2 programs in the country (3/4 scholarship). So in my son’s case he is lucky to get the offer he received with the grades he had.

“The bottom line is: if you follow the Recruit-me plan, keep your grades up, and have exceptional skill or talent, you will get a scholarship.” (Lou L., MA)

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