Athletic scholarshipLike most people, I doubt you have time to listen to a one-hour podcast on recruiting.  Many did last week, but if you weren’t one of them, then here are the cliff notes for you to take in — and hopefully apply.

Here are the top seven questions that come up when I’m talking with people about recruiting and athletic scholarships, followed by bullet point answers:

1. How can I get noticed and recruited?

• Myth: Coach will find you.

• Take the initiative. Don’t wait for coaches to contact you.

• The fallacy that top line athletes are the only ones who get contacted.

• Most scholarships are awarded to athletes that make the first contact.

$15 off coupon• Coaches do not have the budget to travel the country or even much of the region.

• First impression usually comes from an athlete that contacts a coach.

2. Should I go to camps and showcases, and if so, how do I choose which ones?

• Be sure multiple schools represented

• Coaches from schools you are interested in must be there.

• Ask in advance, “Is it an instructional or recruiting camp?”

3. What do I do when a coach stops contacting me? or How can I keep a coach interested?

• Keep sending updates of all kinds, regularly.

• Call.

• Email.

• Take the initiative.

4. How important is academic performance in the recruiting process?

 • Coaches want student-athletes that will complete their education.

• Coaches want athletes that will be able to handle the academics.

• Coaches want athletes that will meet the school’s admissions standards.

5. When is the best time to start the recruiting process?

• There are certain things you should do each year, with junior year the most important.

 6. What if I’m not a top athlete in my league, county or even on my team? Can I get recruited?

 • You don’t have to be the top athlete

• Most good athletes will never be recruited because they never take the initiative to get noticed.

• You want to have the best fit. You don’t have to go to a top school if the fit is not good, both academically and athletically. You want to compete, not sit. So many schools are looking for quality student-athletes. Find the ones that are best for you.

7. What’s important in producing a highlight video that really works?

• Does not have to be flashy.

• Individual footage

• Team and game footage (where applicable).

• Introduce yourself on the video.

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