#1It’s great book.  It’s a #1 best seller.  It’s called The One Thing and it has transformed the way I approach my projects in life and work.

And it can help you in big ways in your scholarship pursuit.

Gary Keller, founder of the biggest real estate company in America, is the author.  So, considering his success, I thought it was worth reading.  What I learned from him is something I want to pass along to you.

I’ll be digging more deeply into this in Thursday’s podcast and in the upcoming Webinar next week, but I want to lay the groundwork for you here so you can get your head around what he advises.  And you can start applying it right away.

It will change the results you’re getting in recruiting.  It will put you head and shoulders above other families.  It will get you to your goal. 

One Thing CoverThis isn’t a formula and it isn’t magic.  But it’s simple, it’s focused, and it works in all facets of life.

Keller contends that we are scattered in the way we approach life.  Not only the big things of life, but even slices of life.  Work, family, finances, projects, raising our kids and a lot of other things.  And as a result, we don’t get results.  We don’t succeed.

Picture a row of dominos.  The first one is an inch tall and the last one is a foot tall, and the row in between has dominos that are a little bigger as they go along.  It all culminates in the one-foot tall domino.

For you, the one-foot tall domino is the athletic scholarship for your son or daughter.  That’s the big domino that has to fall.  To give you an even better perspective, imagine it being 100 feet tall!  You’d never push it over no matter how hard you tried.  But, if you can get the dominos ahead of it to fall, then the force of the previous ones will take the last one down easily.

The First Domino

Are you getting the picture?  It’s not the last domino that’s the key, but it is every domino leading up to it.  In fact, at this moment in time for you, the first domino is the most important.  If you can get that one to fall, the chain reaction begins.

Now here’s the million-dollar point.  Well, maybe the $100,000 point.  Keller says that in order to knock down the first domino that sets the others in motion, that ends up knocking down the last one, we need to ask this question:

What is the ONE THING I can do that by doing it will make everything else easier or unnecessary?

I’ve applied this to my work life and I’m getting ready to integrate it into other areas.  I exhort you to do this with recruiting.  Now, the tough thing is to find the answer to the big question.  Once you do, you have the first domino you need to knock down.  You’ve identified it.  You can focus.  You can throw yourself at it relentlessly.  And by giving your best effort to that first domino, you’re going to get results.

What is the Answer?

I don’t know what the answer to that question is for you, but if I were you, I’d find it.  I’d talk it over as a family.  I’d come to agreement on it.

It’s not a once and for all question, either.  Six months from now, re-evaluate your situation and ask the question again.  Keep honing in.  And you’ll get to your goal while everyone else is scattered in their efforts, trying but not moving forward.

The book is great for other areas of your life, so I recommend picking it up.

Speaking of picking it up, I’ll be picking up on this concept and going deeper in the next two weeks in the upcoming podcast episode and in the webinar.




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