NCAA ConferencesI can’t tell you how important it is for you to really make the most of the summer recruiting season.  This is so key, because every sport is out of season on the college level.  The coaches have time to recruit and they’re doing it.

Don’t miss out.  My heart is to see every talented high school athlete get an athletic scholarship at the school and program that is the best fit for them. 

Parents, will you set aside an hour or two and begin the process with your son or daughter?  If you’ve already begun, great!  What more can you do this summer to take advantage of the opportunity to put your son or daughter in front of college coaches?

Some suggestions:

1.  Get your kid into a tournament, showcase, combine or camp.  Find out where coaches will be and have your kid compete there.

2.  Get good video.  Video is still a primary way coaches will see your son or daughter in action.  Get good footage.  I bet your son or daughter could produce the video as a summer project.  There are a number of easy video production products out there.  Some are free.

3.  Contact coaches first.  Don’t wait for them to contact you.  Letters, intro packets, phone calls.  Carve out a couple hours a week for your son or daughter to make these contacts.  You can help with the written contacts, but they need to make the phone calls.

4.  Visit three schools in your region.  I’ve mentioned this recently in a blog post, but I need to really stress it now.  Road trips are awesome, and in-person experiences are always the best.  Tour the school and even meet the coaches in some cases.  Yes, that might be tough, but it’s worth a try to make the contact.  You’d be surprised how few families do this.

5.   Set goals.  How many coaches do you want to be in dialogue with by fall?  What are y0ur top 5 schools?  When will you complete or update your video?  These are a few of the questions you need to ask and discuss so you can set solid goals.  Goals get you moving in the right direction and keep you motivated.  It gives you the little victories, which is important.

Before summer gets away, make some strong steps in the recruiting process.  I’ve given you five areas to act on.  If you have any more suggestions, post them in the comments section.  We’re here to help each other.

2 Responses to This Summer is So Critical for Recruiting

  • Rachelle Reyes says:

    My daughter is a transfer from EAC. We are looking for a university that HAS a softball program WI wTH the western undergraduate exchange (WUE).
    What is your RECOMMENDATIONs.

    • Jon Fugler says:

      Rachelle, I would first recommend you get a list of schools in the exchange. Then go to the websites of those schools to see which ones have softball programs. Your search might be sped up with College Coaches Online, which I include with two of my premium memberships.

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