(Note:  The Athletic Scholarship and Recruiting Survey is now closed.  Thank you to all who participated.  I am compiling the responses and look forward to soon sharing with you what I learned, and responding to the biggest issues in an upcoming online class I will be teaching this Fall). 

Uphill bike rideToday, I rode 12 1/2 miles on my bike at over 8,000 feet elevation.  It took two and a half hours to make it to my destination.

Am I that bad a cyclist?

Not really.  Most of the ride was uphill, and at 8,000 feet, it was a huge challenge.  But I made it.  As I was riding, I was thinking about how my journey has lessons in it for student-athletes seeking athletic scholarships.  There are three things I’d like to share with you today.

1.  The scholarship journey is hard.  You’ll have a lot of uphill climbs and you’ll have to work at getting recruited.  You can’t breeze through this process.  The nice thing, too, is that you’ll be able to coast at times, like I did here and there.  The times of coasting are the times when coaches start contacting you, you get invited for campus visits, you’re doing well in your competition, and other good things are happening.  Enjoy those times and they will encourage you to keep pressing on.

Hilltop2.  You don’t start at sea level.  I started at 8,000 feet and went up from there.  I never would have made it if I had started at sea level.  As for you, you’re not starting at sea level.  If you’re a talented athlete, you’re already part way on the road to a scholarship.  Keep that in mind.  You’ve got a head start.

3.   You need to take breaks.  I took quite a few water and snack breaks on the way up.  I needed the rest in order to get back on the road to push on.  You need to take breaks in your scholarship pursuit.  Take a few days off here and there, and it will help you regain your perspective.  You can’t go one, two, or three years pushing all the time.  It will drive you crazy.  Don’t obsess over this.

I hope these things help you as you enter the Fall recruiting season.  Be looking for an opportunity to go deeper with me in the next few weeks as I release a series of four videos that will rock your world.   We’re going to tackle this recruiting thing head on.  I’ll post an announcement here.  These video sessions are free.

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