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Parents and Athletes: Crack the Athletic Scholarship Code and Master a Step-by-Step Approach to Getting Recruited by College Coaches.

Your family’s athletic scholarship dream can become a reality when you apply the recruiting steps clearly laid out in the Athletic Scholarship Playbook.

You’re a parent.  Your son or daughter is a talented high school athlete.  You know they have what it takes to compete at the next level and you want to see them get recruited by college coaches.  You believe they are athletic scholarship material.

Or you’re an athlete.  You dream of being recruited by college coaches and earning an athletic scholarship.  But you don’t know where to start.

You see other athletes in your city receive full rides and you wonder how they got discovered.  Did coaches just find them or is there more to it?

You want answers.

Jon Fugler takes the mystery out of recruiting and athletic scholarships, providing parents and student-athletes a clear, actionable plan.

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eRecruitFit offers a free tool that will help the student athlete discover his or her strengths, weaknesses and tendencies in order to determine which programs may be the right fit.

In fact, eRecrutiFit was developed with the primary goal of aligning student athletes with programs where they “Fit”.

Recent history indicates that over 50% of student athletes do not finish the college career at the school they initially selected.  This alarming “failure rate” has huge implications.

In taking the Prospective Student-Athlete assessment you will receive a FREE report that will provide valuable insight to who you are help you make an informed decision as to your “Fit” in college.  Click the link to be taken to the RecruitFit website for the assessment.

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