I rarely make recommendations.  But when I came across this tool and met its creator, I was thrilled.  In fact, it was something I had thought about creating myself.  I saw a big need for athletes to create their own custom websites– but to do it easily, effectively and in a way that it looks good.  Taylor Mathis has done just that with Student-Athlete Websites.

You can showcase your academic, athletic and personal information in a way that will make a good impression on coaches.  Student-Athlete Websites works hand-in-hand with the Recruit-Me philosophy of taking the initiative.  Coaches won’t just find a student-athlete’s website.  You need to send the coaches there.  Once they get there, they’ll find a quality when you use Student-Athlete Websites.

I want to be transparent and let you know I’m an affiliate of this company.  As a result Taylor is offering $20 off any product for any athlete referred by Recruit-Me.  All you have to do is use the Discount Code ASP20. Click the link below to get started.

Go to Student-Athlete Websites