As I sit here on my back patio and watch the beauty of multiple colors, ominous clouds and majestic mountains, I’m thinking out loud.  Scenes like this make it easy to think.

I’m wondering what things will look like for your family one year from today.  Will you be closer to achieving your family’s scholarship dream?  Will your son or daughter be getting ready to head off to college in a matter of weeks, a scholarship earned?  Or will you be going through a dry period where discouragement sets in?

You know, this is a journey of ups and downs.  I am here to tell you not to get discouraged if there is a dry period, because there will be.  That’s ok.  Such is life, and this scholarship journey is filled with wins and losses, victories and pain.  It’s a lot like competing in sports.

So let me give you three things to think about today, which will help you in the year ahead.

1.  Renew your vision for an athletic scholarship.  One leader says, “Vision leaks.”  He meant that although you may have great vision one day, over time it gets deflated.  You need to refocus and restate your vision.  Write it down.  Get excited again as you revisit your scholarship dream for your son or daughter.

2.  Talk about it.  Yes, verbalize the dream and vision to other people.  Parent and athlete, athlete and coach, parent and coach, etc.  State the goal, dream, vision and it will ignite you.  If you’ve stated publicly that you’re going after a scholarship, you’ll pursue it more seriously– parent and athlete together.

3.  What are you going to do this week to get one step closer to an athletic scholarship?  Scholarships don’t just happen.  They take constant work to achieve, just like a championship does.  So, what can you do as a parent, as an athlete, to get one step closer?  Extra practice?  School visit?  Write to five coaches?  Decide on one thing and do it!

I recommend re-visiting these questions quarterly.  You’re running a marathon, as a family, and you you need those water stops.  These questions are a water stop.

When the process stops being fun, then that’s dangerous.  You don’t want to burn out.  Maybe that’s the time to take a rest and pick things up fresh in a couple or three weeks.

I encourage you to make it a habit to read through the blog posts on this site so you can be refreshed and learn what you can do to make the process successful.

Well, the wind is kicking up and those dark clouds are about to open up with rain, so I better get inside.

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