Baseball basketball volleyball footballIt’s November 1.  Do you have a 60-day recruiting plan?

“What’s that?” you ask.

Scholarships don’t happen.  Parents, you need to lead your son or daughter in the recruiting process.  It starts with a plan.

I challenge you to establish a 60-day plan, which will carry you through the end of the year.  This is a good time to do that, with the year-end as your finish line.  Your finish line to an athletic scholarship?  No, your next yard-marker.

Here are some things that you need to include in your 60-day plan:

1.   Start by making a complete list of schools you are going to pursue.

2.   Block out time each week to work on your recruiting efforts.  Parent and athlete working together.

3.   Read the free resources offered on the Recruit-me website.  If you don’t have them, go there and download them.

4.   Make a list describing the school and program that would be the best fit:  size, location, division level, academic program, etc.

5.   Schedule regular time with other families that are also pursuing scholarships so you can discuss what is and isn’t working for them.

When the time is right, I’d like you to consider becoming a Recruit-Me Premium member.  The process you’ll need to go through in the coming months, and perhaps years, is something you don’t want to experiment with.  You’ll be provided with my coaching as well as the best recruiting resources available to run a successful recruiting campaign.  Join thousands of families who have benefited from the Recruit-Me way.

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