Congratulations to Karina Diaz, the winner of a $75 Sports Authority Gift Card.  She entered the contest during the Grand Opening of Athletic Scholarship University.  Karina, this is a good way to start the Christmas season!

Women's basketballIf you’re a talented athlete, you’re blessed.  You have to realize that not everyone is talented.  Your talent is something that you may take for granted, but this Thanksgiving I encourage you to give thanks to the good Lord who gave it to you.

In fact, take an athletic inventory.  What sets you apart from your competitors?  Think details.  Height, weight, speed, certain skills.

Then take an inventory of your accomplishments.  Think back over the past year or two and list what you’ve done.

Say a big “Thank You” for all these things.  You are a unique individual with a set of talents and accomplishments that no one else possesses.  Never take that for granted.  Then…

State your dreams.  What do you want to accomplish in your sport in the 12 months?  Where do you want to go to college when you graduate from high school?

So you have your talents and accomplishments listed.  And then your dreams.

Your assignment is to develop a plan for how you’re going to get from here to there.  Set out solid, measurable goals and make a task list.  How will you become a better athlete?  How will you become a better student?  Both are critical to achieving an athletic scholarship.

You see, an athletic scholarship dream is nice to have, but unless you’re willing to work at it, you’ll never achieve it.  It’s hard work and it takes consistent effort to stretch yourself to the next level.  And always be thinking next level.

Another question you need to answer is, “What sacrifices am I willing to make to achieve my scholarship dream?”  In order to rise to the top of  coaches’ recruiting lists, you’re going to have to do more than athletes competing for that same scholarship slot.  One more set of weights, two more laps, thirty more pitches, five more sets, etc.

So what started as a blog post on thanksgiving has turned into a post on sacrifice.  Let me blend the two and have you step back and realize that you can be thankful that you have the talent to be able to sacrifice to compete at the next level.   You are unique and greatly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving.  And do the assignments I’ve presented here.  It will change your future.

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  • Bill says:

    Thank you JOn. I will try to get my son to read this. He has made all three action steps. Best grades (4.0) of this his fourth year(senior). Remade himself into a catcher in order to get a solid roster spot his first year on varsity(Jr year)they had 18 seniors. and then 6 games in, bumped the 2 seniors to start the rest of the way. Sacrificing now everything except PRACTICE and schoolwork. He needs to do more hitting and is. Position players have to contribute to run production or college guys don’t care about intangibles. We’ll see. Has to have best season of his career to get a coach to take interest. he’s working to get them to the games as well.

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