The Recruit-Me 3.0 Athletic Scholarship System


The NEW Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System 3.0.

A proven step-by-step solution. New tools and resources. VIDEO + DIGITAL + AUDIO                                           
Help yourself to an athletic scholarship.

-> Fast results. Hear from college coaches in 30 days or less
-> Easy to use. How-to videos make it easy for you to get recruited
-> Simple. Complete the fillable forms and Email them to coaches
-> History of success. Over 15 years of scholarship success with thousands of families.
-> Empowering. You own the system and control the recruiting process.
-> Affordable. Less than $130 gets it all: video, digital, audio resources.
-> No risk. Unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee. Instant Access.

Why risk thousands of dollars on a recruiting mill? You can get a scholarship on your own at the school of your choice for a fraction of the cost. Start using the Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System right away.

Recruit-Me 3.0 Athletic Scholarship System

Hi, I’m Brent Hanks, CEO of Recruit-Me. I’m also a speaker, scholarship coach and father of a D1 athlete, as well as a recent high school student-athlete who is starting college after being recruited. I empower families like  yours to pursue athletic scholarships on their own. I’ve got a wealth of experience and I’d like to help you. Using my Step-by-Step System, which has proven itself successful for nearly 20 years, you’ll have no problem getting on the radar of college coaches. And isn’t that the hardest part about recruiting? I have a plan that works. If you follow it, then it will work for you. Let me show you the benefits you’ll get with my new Recruit-Me System as you get recruited to the school of your choice. –Brent Hanks, CEO Recruit-Me

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Fast results. Hear from college coaches in 30 days or less.

 Using our step-by-step System, you’ll have no problem getting on the radar of college coaches. And isn’t that the hardest part about recruiting? We have a plan that works. If you follow it, then it will work for you. What will happen? Once you follow just the first two steps in my system, you’ll begin receiving emails from college coaches — at schools where you are interested. Because my system is easy to follow, this will happen in the first 30 days. Why waste your time trying to figure out how to get the attention of college coaches? Follow our steps and you’ll get interest right away.

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Recruiting doesn’t have to be confusing. But it is when you don’t have the knowledge. I believe in a logical step-by-step approach. 

There’s a video for every step in our system, where we explain clearly how to execute that step. It brings the recruiting process to life and makes it crystal clear. What’s nice about the videos is that you can go back as often as you’d like to review them. And—you can go at your own pace. The videos come with a companion Step-by-Step Manual and Workbook so you have everything in written form, as well. That’s the beauty of the new Recruit-Me System. It’s multi-media, which makes it easy to learn and execute the plan. Simple. Complete the fillable forms and email them to coaches. Coaches want to hear from athletes who are interested in their school. The most important thing you can do is take the initiative to show interest. But how do you do that the right way? With the new Recruit-Me System fillable forms, we’ve given you the templates to get the job done. For instance, our proprietary Resume/Player Profile Form is the first thing that will get a coach’s attention. You just fill in the form with your information and email it to the coaches. It’s that simple and it works for every sport. 

Recruit-Me 3.0 Athletic Scholarship System

Video + Digital + Audio

I’ve seen a lot of other recruiting programs, resources and so-called experts come and go over the past 15 years. They pop up for a couple years on the web, hoping to cash in on the recruiting market. But when they fail, they disappear. Then another one pops up. I’m concerned, because many families go after these untested experts and resources and are led down the wrong path. Recruit-Me has passed the test of time. But more than that, families have gotten results from the first year we introduced the original Recruit-Me System in 2002. Since then, we’ve added resources to get even better results for families. And now, the new Recruit-Me System 3.0 is the best we’ve ever offered. 

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Downloadable Manual & Workbook

I’m excited to combine VIDEO+DIGITAL+AUDIO to make this the most complete athletic scholarship package available. You need absolutely nothing else in order to succeed. I’ve told you about the video. Add the digital Manual and Workbook, and you can work through the System anywhere. Keep the tools on your computer or device and refer back to them at any time. It sure beats carrying around a lot of paperwork. You just print out what you really need. In addition, there are other digital tools that make it a great package

Recruit-Me 3.0 System

Empowering. Own the system. Control the recruiting process.

 There’s no sense paying and trusting a third party to do what you can do yourself and save a ton of money, too. Coaches want to hear from the athlete, not from a service or other third party. It’s a pet peeve among college coaches. You own our step-by-step System. My goal is to empower you, not to bleed you financially. We’ve spent over 15 years putting together the most complete and easy-to-follow system and I’m giving it to you to keep. Families are often motivated by fear when they hire a consultant or service, often for thousands of dollars. And in many cases, there’s a veil of secrecy so you never really get the knowledge or power to do the recruiting process on your own. We give you the knowledge. And that gives you the power to help yourself to an athletic scholarship.
You own everything at a fraction of the cost of hiring a third party. For example, one recruiting service charges more than $2,000. When you stop paying the monthly fee, the services stop (and they should). Buy the New Recruit-Me System and you keep the tools and benefits forever.

Save on Your Recruitment with the Recruit Me 3.0 System

Affordable. Less than $130 gets it all: Video, Digital, Audio.

 Yes, I could price the new Recruit-Me System at $300, $400, $500 or more. But why do that? I’m here to help you make money, not to drain to your bank account. I read where one dad shelled out $1,200 for a recruiting product and wishes he had the $1,200 back. Our desire over the years has been to make Recruit-Me affordable for almost any family. So I’ve priced it under $130. I want you to come away saying, “We got a great deal!” The new Recruit-Me System 3.0 makes sense financially. You’ll get a return on your investment in the first 30 days when coaches start contacting you.
No risk. Unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee. This is the icing on the cake. Do you know you won’t find a money-back guarantee on most other recruiting products?

Since the very beginning, we’ve offered a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee. And I’m offering it to you. I want to remove the risk, and this is a great way of doing it. This is how confident I am that Recruit-Me will work for you. And if it doesn’t, I don’t want your money. If you take action and you don’t see results — or you just find the Recruit-Me System isn’t for you for any reason at all — just contact me in the first 90 days and I’ll return your money. Plain and simple as that.
(As a way of disclosure, we get an average of one refund request a year. I think that attests to the quality of the Recruit-Me System). So that’s it! The decision is yours. I want to serve you with the New Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System 3.0. By the way, I am available by email to all my customers to help you along the way. I love taking questions and customizing your recruiting journey. Let’s do this together! Make your Recruit-Me purchase and you’ll have access to all the resources right away.Describe your product or give more information.

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