“My father heard about the Recruit-Me program through co-workers with children looking into college athletics. He bought the program for me because I had always dreamt about playing collegiate water polo but did not know how to take a step in the right direction. Recruit-Me taught me how to create my own introductory packet using the templates provided. I sent out the packet to coaches throughout the U.S. Of the packets I sent, I received numerous phone calls from coaches expressing interest in me. I ultimately went on three recruiting trips and now am a Division I collegiate water polo player, much thanks to the help of the Recruit-Me System.”

(Alicia B., California)

“I was skeptical when I purchased the product. I am an assistant Varsity Baseball coach and my son who is a junior in high school now, but we buckled down and followed the program and it is working. The Recruit-Me System has generated response from numerous colleges coaches and I have since begun helping my other players, and it is working for them also. I have been to seminars where ex-pros and scouts are offering the same type of assistance but for a lot more money. Thanks.” 

(Coach RY, Ohio)

“For those parents/students who have no idea where to begin the recruiting process, this is the place you should start. My son received a full-ride football scholarship to a D-1 school with the help of the Recruit-Me System. The System is written in simple-to-understand terms and walks you step-by-step through the recruiting process. Don’t pay thousands of dollars to an overpriced recruiting service when you can accomplish this on your own with the Recruit-Me System. I recommend this program to all my friends embarking on the recruiting process. The Recruit-Me System is fantastic.”

(Nancy P., California)

“I looked into some other recruiting services, but they were very expensive. I believe this is by far the best way to go. I would highly recommend Recruit- Me to anyone going through the recruiting process for any sport. You have my permission to give out my phone number to anyone who wants to hear my story personally. I am a true believer in your product. It can change a young man’s life.” 

(Mike M., Michigan)

“I have loved the whole program because it gave me an opportunity to maintain a level of control over my son’s future. I was so afraid that I would get a book that I could do nothing with, like is often the case. This program is great and I would like to encourage more parents to become more involved in allowing their child to realize his/her dream.” 

(Robert B., Alabama)

“I love what you're doing, Because I've had some experience with a company that was in that space, a little different than what you guys do. And I didn't feel like we got the value, I think we would have from what you're talking about offering and helping people to put themselves out there and do it.”  

Chance Potts, One More Benefit, Interview on Epi 389 of The Athletic Scholarship Podcast