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New Recruit-Me CEO Plans to Serve Sports Families in Extended Ways

Building on nearly two decades of helping high school athletes win athletic scholarships, Recruit-Me is taking a major step forward as the company announces Brent Hanks as its new owner and CEO. Hanks succeeds a retiring Jon Fugler, who founded Recruit-Me in 2002.

The Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System has helped thousands of high school athletes earn athletic scholarships by following a signature step-by-step process. “As the father of two athletes, one competing in college and another soon to be there, I am excited about helping other families succeed,” said Hanks, who lives in Ozark, MO.

“It’s time for fresh blood to take Recruit-Me to the next level,” said Fugler. “Brent is in the thick of it with his kids. He brings the kind of perspective and expertise that parents and athletes need to hear.” Fugler will be working alongside Hanks in the transition, but both men made it clear that its new leader is ready to launch Recruit-Me to a new level by serving families in more ways in addition to the Recruit-Me System.

“I’m organizing seminars for parents and athletes and will hold my first one in the next month or so,” said Hanks. He has been teaching the Recruit-Me System to families for the past two years, so he knows how to help families navigate the process. His oldest baseball son went through the grueling recruiting process and is a pitcher at Northwestern. Hanks will also take over hosting duties of the Athletic Scholarship Podcast and plans on interviewing expert guests, coaches, parents and athletes on the show. This format will enhance what Fugler has established as the world’s longest-running podcast on recruiting and athletic scholarships. It is available on Apple Podcasts and other podcast apps, as well as on the Recruit-Me website. The podcast is just one of the free resources Recruit-Me has been known for.

On the home page at, visitors will also find a Recruiting Power Pack to help with the first steps to an athletic scholarship. A PDF, audio download and a player profile /resume template are offered there. Hanks plans on continuing offering these resources, as well as enhancing and adding to them. The cornerstone resource that sets Recruit-Me apart from any other company is the Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System, or Recruit-Me 3.0, available for families to purchase at a fraction of the cost of a service or consultant. This system provides an organized and more in-depth plunge into the college recruiting world. Recruit-Me 3.0 includes  multiple fillable forms, email templates and a step-by-step 100+ page online manual.

Like Fugler, Hanks believes that sports families can pursue and get an athletic scholarship on their own without paying high-priced services. “Coaches want to hear from the athlete, not a third-party,” said Hanks. “That’s what worked for our son and we are following the same process for our high school junior. I’ve seen it work for other families, too, and want to assist many more.”

Hanks can be reached at [email protected] or by calling (417) 299-5577. The Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System 3.0, as well as customer reviews, can be seen at The entire system is digital and can be purchased and accessed immediately.

Brent Hanks, Recruit-Me Owner & CEO

Sutton Hanks, Class of 2022, Columbia College Signee

Parker Hanks, Class of 2018, Northwestern University Signee, NU Graduate 2022